Thursday, September 18, 2014

High School Ring

I found my husband's high school class ring recently.  I put it on.  If my husband and I would have attended the same high school, then I'm sure we would have dated! Ha!  I would have worn his class ring?  Ha!  I would have taken him to prom!

We both went to different high schools last century, and really at that time I don't think it would have been possible for us to date; however, the world today is very different.  Today, I do think it's possible for gay high school students to live openly in high school: date, go to prom, etc.

The world is getting better.


  1. Blob posts - I love them all. Great job, Patrick!!!



  2. I have always thought you have beautiful hands. . . and yet when I see your hand I go through the same scenario in my head again, thinking what lovely hands you have , as if I had not already thought that a thousand times. Nothing wrong with that, I guess.