Monday, November 11, 2013

Binny's Back

One of the many perks of practicing yoga is that you meet the most interesting people.  Our Australian friend and teacher Binny is back in Dallas for the month.  She taught in Dallas for six months a year ago, and we've started a tradition: when she's in town she picks a restaurant and we take her out to eat.  See here and here.

Binny is vegan, which is why we ask her to pick the restaurant, but she loves food (even though it doesn't look like she eats) and she can find a meal at any establishment.

This go around she picked CBD Provisions, which has a limited menu, but everything we ate was full of flavor.  Very cool spot.  From my seat at the table I was facing the giant eyeball sculpture that's sitting across the street.  Ever get that feeling you're being watched?  This sculpture was so interesting.  Go see it, and go eat at CBD Provisions.

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