Monday, November 18, 2013

A Piano In the Dinning Room

At times I think I have an admirable level of sophistication, but then something happens that makes me feel very normal.  Just like the rest of the piano owning Americans living in three bedroom homes, we now have a piano in our dinning room.  I don't blame the piano.  I love the piano.  It belonged to my husband's maternal grandmother. The piano's relocation to the dinning room is really all my fault.

It all started when we purchased our 1980 one story 3 bedroom 2.5 bathroom 2,800 square foot home in 2008; at that time we saw a wall and we thought: wouldn't it be nice if that wall wasn't there?  Our house has a great floor plan, but the open concept wasn't used by this home's designer in 1980.  There are people buying up homes in our neighborhood and removing all internal walls separating the dinning room, living room, kitchen, and breakfast nook, which makes the homes feel so much larger.  We're not going that big though.  We're having just one wall removed.

Our handyman Tim starts today.  Here's the before photos of the wall that's coming down:

 As you can see the piano needed to find a new home.  So when my sophisticated Dallas friends stop over and wonder how a piano end up in the dining room?  I'll have to let them know it's because of my wouldn't-it-be-nice-if-that-wall-wasn't-there? desires.

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