Friday, July 19, 2013

Hunting Down Damon

Readers to the blog know that while I'm in a happily married relationship with my husband, I am also in love with Matt Damon.   GGD Contributor* (the human) Dooley knows this fact and she emailed me this link to Jezebel for a story on how one girl hunted down (my) Matt Damon in Morocco.

This is required reading. Read it!

Dear Erin Faulk,

I respect you for your Matt Damon stalking skills; however, Matt Damon is in love with with me and his wife.  (In that order.)  The truth hurts.  I know.  You'll have to stalk someone else now.



*Sometimes I pretend that more individuals than my mother read this blog, and I need titles like "GGD Contributor" to keep my blogging empire on track.


  1. Great story and fun to read! Matt Damon seems like such a nice person.
    Your blog is wonderful!
    - From someone who is not your mom but who uses sparkerr as a pseudonym (pen name), kind of like JK Rowling has done recently

  2. Yay! I'm putting GGD Contributor on my résumé!