Sunday, August 5, 2012


My husband and I had a lovely weekend together.  He studied all weekend, but we still found time to mingle with friends.

  • Friday night we met Dave and Myranda for dinner at Gloria's.
  • Saturday night we had dinner at Jim and Donna's resort-like home.  We played a few games of water volleyball before Jim fired up the grill for steaks, chicken, asparagus, and corn.  Their only child, Emma, starts college in the fall.  I first met Emma when she was around 7 years old, and after we watched a few of her high school graduation highlight films I was overwhelmed with the "where did the time go?" question.  Life happens in a hurry, right?
  • Sunday morning we met Adam for breakfast.  He was in town visiting his family, but he made time for us.
The weekend also had yoga, laundry, shopping, playing with the dogs, and getting ready for another week...

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  1. Is that the Adam that used to live closed to yall? Eddie & Adam? That added on to their house?
    I'm glad you had a lovely weekend.