Sunday, August 12, 2012

House of Huntresses

My brother, his wife, and his girls spent the week at the beach.  My brother's dog, Cady, spent the week at our house.  Does this look like the picture of a killer?  Don't let this cute Jack Russell Terrier fool you, Cady is a huntress.  In her week at the house she's killed many of the frogs in our back yard.  She tried to kill a few squirrels.  Our small Dallas backyard is alive with many frogs, lizards, and earthworms, and small snakes, which is one of the side effects of using organic yard stuff.

This week I even caught Dooley killing a baby grass snake.  The snake was less than four inches long, but, still, I wonder if Dooley's cousin Cady taught her to kill?  Oh, wait, Dooley was already a killer.

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