Sunday, January 1, 2012

Thatagirl! Seize the Moment.

My husband's sister is the mother of our nephew, Owen, and she is also a senior certified Baron Baptiste yoga teacher.   She and her husband celebrated the new year at a party with friends, and I guess they got a little rowdy because one of her friends had the bartender clear the bar so my husband's sister could demonstrate her hand stand for the crowd.

It's a respectable achievement to be able to do a hand-stand beyond the high school years, right?  It's phenomenal to be a thirty-something mother/wife and willing to seize the moment when it's offered to demonstrate the hand stand on top of a bar at a party.  I admire her courage to just go for it.  Bravo.

I need a little more of that just-go-for-it in my life. 

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