Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Alaska Snow

Have you been following Alaska's great snow fall?  After graduating law school my best friend from childhood, Zach,  moved with his wife to Alaska.  They now have a house, a baby son, a vegetable garden, and a few animals.  I think they're set up to be in Alaska for life. 

My husband was aware of the incredible snow storm, and he told me to check on Zach.  I emailed him to make sure he was still alive.  Here's his reply, which I wanted to share, because although our childhoods were very similar our adult life is completely different:

"Alive. It's been a ridiculous winter:  snow waste deep in the yard, boilers breaking, pipes freezing, plow truck transmissions going out, moose attacking and damaging [his wife's] car (no, that's not a joke), moose tearing down the animal fence - twice, and the list goes on. Texas ain't lookin' too bad at this point!!!"

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