Monday, January 2, 2012

Not An Alternative Lifestyle.

I don't promote this blog to my friends, but as the years roll by more of them are aware of its existence.  One of our friends, Zach, discovered this blog recently and in our discussion he asked why I maintain this blog?  It doesn't earn money.  It's not self promoting- I've never used our names and faces.  He was curious why I'd be so committed to a blog.  It's simple. 

I want to prove that my relationship with my husband is equal to (not less than) any other married couple.  If you don't know a gay couple, then you can easily get caught up in the stereotypes.  I'm trying (in my own little way) to show that there is nothing mysterious about a husband and husband relationship.  It's normal.

After our conversation Zach told me that he understood.  He said I was trying to prove that a gay relationship is NOT an alternative lifestyle.  It's just like any other heterosexual relationship.

That is exactly what I'm trying to do.