Monday, September 26, 2011

Gay People Own Steam Vacs

Here are the highlights from a series of conversations, which made me laugh:

My aunt to my mother: "Can you ask [the homos] to bring their steam vac the next time they visit?"

My mother to me: "Can you bring your steam vac this weekend?  We want to borrow it to clean mother's house"

My father to my mother:  "Steam vac?  Isn't that an odd thing to own?  Do most people have steam vacs? I thought you just rented them..."

My mother to my father: "I think all gay people own steam vacuum cleaners..."

1 comment:

  1. Actually your dad asked "do most people own steam vacs?"
    and I replied, "you do if you're gay."
    So I was allowing that not all gays own them, only most do. One of your many charms....
    Good stereotypes are allowed (in my book).