Sunday, October 3, 2010

Austin Saturday!

We were in our favorite city in the whole world, Austin, for approximately one hour on Saturday. We drove to Austin from Dallas pulling a U HAUL to pick up our prior weekend purchases from Four Hands. Four Hands is an importer, wholesaler, and manufacture of home furnishings, and they are in business to supply furniture stores and designers. However, they have one not-easy-to-find showroom connected to their warehouse in Austin, which is open to the public.

Our favorite furniture store is in our favorite city- how cool is that?! When we're in Austin we like to do a lap through their showroom just to check it all out. Last weekend when we were making our traditional lap we discovered that they were having a floor sample sale, which meant a few pieces were 60% off their wholesale price. It was a tremendous deal. We purchased the sideboard for under the television. This piece first caught our eye one year ago. It's made from steel and reclaimed wood, and it has four enormous and interesting steel hinges. We also purchased a new accent table made from reclaimed telephone poles and steel to go under our painting in the hallway to our bedroom.

We really value interesting pieces of furniture that are made from reclaimed wood.

I encourage you to join in on our Four Hands/Austin tradition; when you're in Austin make a lap through the Four Hands showroom. You won't be disappointed.

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