Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Safe Spot To Give Birth

My husband's parent's next door neighbor and dear friend is a widow named Nancy. Earlier this year Nancy had to put down her 17-year old poodle; only dog people will understand the heartache she must have felt when she had to say goodbye to Scarlett. Five weeks ago a beautiful and sweet stray dog wandered up to Nancy's house, and with a little encouragement from the family Nancy decided she'd jump back into dog ownership and adopt this stray dog.

Nancy was in Europe for two weeks. Upon returning from her trip the K9 Hilton informed Nancy that her dog was pregnant. (Oops, the vet had missed that during the pre-adoption physical a few weeks ago.) Nancy was jet lagged from her trip and she decided she could wait one more day to prepare for puppies. She fell asleep on her couch and was awoken at about 8:00 PM to the sound of high pitched whimpers from her bedroom. Nancy entered her bedroom to find her dog on her bed starting to give birth.

My husband's mother was called and she went next door as a K9-midwife; three hours later the dog had giving birth to 8 puppies on top of Nancy's king size bed and created a bloody mess on the sheets and mattress.

We went to see the puppies today- they are so cute- and they have been relocated to a box in the kitchen. Just think: the mother dog was living on the streets a few weeks ago. She was dumped at the lake by her owners. Maybe because she WAS pregnant? The dog found Nancy. Nancy adopted her, and instead of giving birth in the wilderness the dog gave birth on a king size bed. She went from the streets to the palace. Good for her. And she growls at anyone other than Nancy that attempts to peak at the puppies.

Nancy's new bed is coming tomorrow. Does anyone want a puppy or two or eight?

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