Monday, November 2, 2009

Living the Dream

My aunt and uncle are approaching 70. They live on the edge of their 250 acres in a house they built over 30 years ago. Most people at their age are starting to simplify things and are trying to eliminate clutter from their house and their life.

However, my father's brother and his wife are about to become septuagenarians and they are also about to move into a new home. They are building a house in the middle of their land on the most beautiful spot. The house is positioned on a bluff among giant oaks over looking green fields, more beautiful trees, and a creek. The house is not a large house, but it is very well designed and has excellent proportions. Our good friend Eddie is an architect and he claims that 2,800 square feet is the perfect size house if it is a well designed house. I used to doubt him, but now I'm starting to see the wisdom in his statement.

My aunt and uncle purchased blueprints from Southern Living, and it is evident that the house has been professionally designed by an architect. The house has beautiful curb appeal, and no space is wasted inside. It is a very nice house, and I am looking forward to seeing the completed home.

I am inspired by my aunt and uncle. I really like the fact that they are building and creating at their age. It excites me to think about being 70-years-old and building a house with my husband. You're never too old. Anything can happen- at any time. My aunt an uncle are living the dream. They are retired and they get to spend all day every day with each other. They chase after their grandchildren, they travel, they maintain their land. I could easily give up our Dallas house for a beautiful home on a perfect spot in the country. I would enjoy the quiet time with my husband- sitting on the wrap-around porch listening to the giant oaks sway and enjoying the time with the one I love. Yes, my aunt and uncle are living that life.