Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ignore the men in t-shirts

We were on our way to the gym- dressed in our gym wear- and we stopped at Brooks Brothers. This was the last weekend where preferred customers could get an additional 15% off their purchases, and since Brooks Brothers makes the best shirts in the world we wanted to make a few purchases. Fun facts: The husband and I wear the same size shirt. We wear the same size shoes. We do not wear the same size pants because I have more junk in my trunk. So we walk into Brooks Brothers in gym shorts and a dry-fit shirts and we are IGNORED by the entire sales team. They do not offer to help us find our size. We pick out three shirts- and we ask the stocking clerk to look in the back for a slim fit 17 x 34, but they were out. We go to pay, and they ask to SEE my preferred customer letter before they give us the additional 15% discount. After they see the letter they start to warm up to us- and we get a friendly handshake as they hand over our bag with shirts.

I could get mad and say I'll boycott Brooks Brothers because they did to us what those biotches did to Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman, but damnit they make the best shirts. So I'll just write this blog post and get over it.

I am so excited about my new shirts.

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