Sunday, October 18, 2009

Mary Poppins

To celebrate my husband's mother's birthday we ate dinner at the truly amazing Abacus and then went to see Mary Poppins the musical at Fair Park. It was a memorable evening. I fulfilled a childhood dream by purchasing the Mary Poppins Parrot Head umbrella. It's sitting in the umbrella holder in our entry way. Glorious.

The first act of the musical was excellent but it was a bit bloated. I wanted them to trim one musical number. The second act zoomed and was practically perfect in every way. Lucky for us, our seats were directly under Mary Poppins departing flight path. She flew over our heads!

I watched Mary Poppins the movie numerous times as a child. I can recall seeing Mary Poppins the play at Casa Manana for our second grade class field trip. Back then I would pretend that I had Mary Poppins as a nanny and sometimes I would pretend to be Mary Poppins. Last night with my adult eyes, it wasn't the children or Mary Poppins that spoke to me. This time I could relate most to the father, George Banks, as he struggled with his priority of making money vs. focusing on his family. I supposed that's why it such a great work; a familiar story can hold my attention in a new way.

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