Sunday, October 18, 2009

Dallas Swells

It's TX/OU weekend in Dallas. We live in Lakewood, which is east Dallas, and the streets are full of cars, the bars are full of drinkers, and the restaurants are full of eaters. The City of Dallas- or at least my part of the city- is full of Longhorns and Sooners. It's an exciting place to be.

I am so happy that we won the game. When I was at UT we only won my freshman year- so beating OU feels especially good to me.

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  1. I told my wife that I think TX/OU weekend is the best weekend in DFW by far.
    This weekend I got to see my favorite team play my favorite sport and beat my least favorite team while hanging out with one of my closest friends that I only see once a year (or every two years) AND I also had several good dinners with a lot of close friends that live around here, but that maybe I don't see very often. OH yes and the booze was flowing like water. Without a doubt, TX/OU weekend is the most wonderful time..... of the year.