Sunday, July 12, 2009

True Blood

I am a little late to the party; True Blood is already a big hit. At the insistence of our good friends Jim & Donna we added season one of HBO's True Blood to our Netflix queue and downloaded it to our iPhones. On the plane yesterday I watched most of the first season; my husband finished the first season before our plane took off.

This is the best television show I've seen in a long time. From the first episode you're hooked. It's so edgy, and since it's HBO it has everything: sex (straight, gay, vampire), drugs ("V"), history (Civil War flash backs), action (fights, murders), laughs (it's very well written), and my favorite part is the love story between a beautiful "normal" girl and her vampire that's trying to go mainstream. This show is using vampires to represent the discriminated portion of society, and since the Japanese have invented synthetic blood some (not all) vampires are trying to emerge from the shadows of society because they don't have to kill people- they can drink the fake blood. However, there is conflict because some vampires still like real human blood,and non-vampires have discovered that real vampire blood "V" is a great recreational drug. This small town treats vampires like Texas treats gay people, which is why I really love this show. You'll love it too. Go watch it! We are ordering HBO when we get home so we can catch season two.

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