Monday, July 27, 2009

Carnival Fun

We spent the weekend at my parents house, because it was my home town's annual reunion. The people of my town have been getting together the last full week in July since the late 1800's. The tradition continues! I always enjoying spending time with family and friends.

At one point, we (the gay guys) were walking down the main street with our friends (the interracial couple) and their beautiful baby girl. We thought it was funny. We claimed to be the real circus to the festival. The truth is that when my husband and I first attended the reunion as an out couple we felt the eyes watching us all night, however, five years later it has become no big deal at home town is full of good people.

My husband rode the "Kamikaze" with a group of our friends. I did not. Call me conservative, but as a matter of self preservation, I will NOT ride in anything that is called a kamikaze and I do NOT ride anything that can shoot you thirty feet up the air for two minutes non-stop and also be disassembled and loaded onto a trailer and moved to the next town within a few hours. That just ain't right. I do, however, adore my thrill-seeking man.

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