Friday, July 10, 2009

"The Lady or the Tiger?"

My mother was my 7th grade reading teacher and two short stories I still think about reading (15+ years later) in her class is The Necklace and The Lady, or the Tiger?

The Lady, or the Tiger? is the short story I think about most often; I love the mental exercise of thinking about the possibility of there being a lady or a tiger behind the door the princess indicated her lover should pick. If she sends him to the door of the tiger he'll be killed by the tiger. If she sends him to the door of the lady he'll be required to marry the lady- someone the princess does not like. If you're the guy do you pick the door the princess tells you to pick, or do you pick the opposite door?

It's an unsolvable problem. I, however, like to think she tells him to pick the door with the lady, and he picks that door...and they live happily ever after...

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