Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Subconscious Mind

For Christmas this year my mother and my mother-in-law each generously gave me six sets of Royal Albert's Miranda Kerr designed 3-piece set of bone China; each set includes an 8 inch plate with a cup and saucer.  I am really looking forward to hosting a lovely spring dinner party where we can dine so wonderfully with this very feminine China.  The 8 inch plate will work lovely as a salad plate.  Or, I can host a tea party for twelve.

I enjoy fine China, sterling silverware, diamonds, and art.  Even though I'm middle aged, I don't own any China (beyond this tea set); I only have three place settings of Francis I Sterling by Reed and Barton; there's not a diamond under my roof, and the most exciting piece of art I own was given to me by my husband's dear friend Tim.  Interesting how these things go in life.  I recognize that this "stuff" (China! Silver! Diamonds! Art!) would not make me any happier in life but it still entertains me to a very great extent.  We all get our thrills in our own unique ways.

These 12 sets of 3-piece China delight me, perhaps more so since this is my first China, to a very great extent.  This week, after weeks of being back ordered, my husband's mother dropped off six sets in our house.

The sets arrive in hat boxes.  They're packaged beautifully. I quickly unpacked them and loaded them into my cabinets to enjoy looking at all 12 sets together.  That night I had dreams all night about accidentally throwing away an unpacked box of China.  The next morning, while I was about to truck the empty boxes to the recycling bend, I remembered my dreams.  I went inside and counted my China.  I only had 11 plates.  I counted five times.  I only had 11 plates.  I went through all the emptied boxes and I found one unpacked plate.  Now I have 12 plates.

Isn't that interesting?  My subconscious mind was yelling at me all night long: You forgot to unpack a plate!

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  1. Oh my gosh! That's unbelievable. Whew. Lucky you. I'm shaking a bit. . . . And speaking of that - You threw away the boxes??? I love boxes and those were so pretty. My love for boxes is a little easier to collect than your art, diamonds, silver and china) I have pretty boxes out of cardboard in my closet. It's kind of hard to find a way to display them. But I see them every time I open the closet. I even like certain shoe boxes. I love pretty boxes, especially the ones made out of something more sturdy than cardboard. Note to son - Save your pretty boxes for me. :)