Wednesday, November 11, 2015


It's eleven days into November and while I was playing with the dogs in the backyard we were swarmed by mosquitoes.  I couldn't believe it.  This made me angry.  Again, it's November.  I put the dogs up and sprayed the yard with mosquito killer.  All summer I had been spraying mosquito replant, but I was done with that stuff - it didn't really work very long - I was spraying the real deal killing stuff.  The whole time I was spraying I was so mad at the fact that I was still battling mosquitoes in November.

In my anger I failed to realize I would kill mosquitoes and any other insect in my backyard.  I was totally focused on exterminating mosquitoes.  As a result, unknowingly I sprayed two resting monarchs.  They were sleeping in my hedges and I hosed them down with my mosquito killing spray.
I killed the monarchs, who were undoubtedly migrating south for the winter.  

I felt bad for killing the monarch butterflies.  It's hard to celebrate the death of mosquitoes now.

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  1. One thing I am grateful for out here in the desert - we rarely, if ever, see a mosquito. I mean I have seen one before, but when I do it is notable. (Bad news is that I have never seen a monarch, or rarely, any butterfly here. On that rare occasion when I see little white butterflies in the path of my car and I hit them, it makes me very sad. So I know what you mean.)