Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Lance and Lauren

This past Saturday night we celebrated the marriage of Lance and Lauren at their big fancy wedding; the reception was held in Dallas on the 40th floor at Petroleum Club's sky lobby overlooking the fast moving city below.  I grew up with Lance; we held the same summer jobs in high school together and we were roommates in college too.   At the wedding Lance surrounded himself with friends we've known our whole life, and what's spectacular about life long friends is that you always seem to pick up where you left off no matter the time gap from your last conversation.   It was a fun party for everyone, and Lance and Lauren looked so happy together.

One of many things I appreciate about Lance is his ability to talk and network with anyone.  I am shy by nature, I don't make friends with strangers, but Lance can dive into any situation and make friends immediately.  As a result his wedding was full of fun people.

As we embark on fatherhood, I have come to really appreciate my small town upbringing.   I graduated high school with 121 friends, and maybe 100 of those friends went to first grade together.  It's created deep bonds among those individuals, and those bonds are always nice to revisit.

With our careers I don't know if it's realistic for us to pack up and move to a small town for the next 18 years to raise our children.  However, I can clearly see the value/benefits of the small town childhood.  I guess what I'm saying is: Thanks Mom and Dad.


  1. I hear Elgin is a nice place ;)

  2. What lovely things you noted. You are precious.