Monday, May 11, 2015

Botero Muse

This weekend while I was getting ready to step into the shower I caught a glimpse of myself from the backside.  I stopped to check myself out from the point of view I rarely see.  I moved a mirror to take it all in.  I have an enormous bald spot, love handles flank my midsection, and I have a jiggly bottom.  I felt like a male muse for a Fernando Botero painting.  It was a funny moment.

However, when my husband looks at me I don't feel like a large, exaggerated volume being.  I feel like I belong in a Magic Mike movie:

This week we will be celebrating 9 years since our wedding.  I still feel like the luckiest man in the world to be married to my husband.  He makes me a better person and he makes me feel like I'm the greatest individual in the world.  I hope I make him feel the same way, because he really is the greatest individual ever to have lived on earth! (Even if his eyesight must be fading!)


  1. This is so sweet. . . . And as for you, I think you need glasses. Either that or when you put on your clothes you all the things you mentioned just disappear.

  2. And I meant YOU need glasses, not your hubby.

  3. Plus, you have a dazzling aura . . . .

  4. I still think your Austin wedding was the sweetest, most beautiful wedding I've ever been to. <3

    Love you, Charlotte