Saturday, May 9, 2015

Happy Birthday Brah

Triangle Pose is the pinnacle of the standing series in Bikram, and it's a bitch of a pose because it requires all your strength and focus.  Our studio has a tradition of singing happy birthday on the second set of triangle if it's your birthday and you're in the room.  It makes the pose go faster too, since the highly intelligent class full of yogis can rush through the song.  (Go team!)

Today one of our favorite teachers, Julie, was teaching and before we went into the set up for the second set of triangle she asked if anyone in the room had a birthday.  No one did.  My husband spoke up: "Patrick's brother's birthday is tomorrow.  We should sing to him."

Julie accepted this as valid; she asked for his name and then 36 yogis rushed through happy birthday to my brother Stephen - someone they've never met.  It was awesome.  It made me laugh and smile.  After the set I heard someone say, "Thank God for Stephen!"


And thank God for my husband!  (The man that knows how to work the system.)

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