Sunday, November 2, 2014

Candy Land

To get ready for Halloween, my husband and I purchased the variety package of chocolate candy.  For fun, in between trick-or-treaters, we independently ranked in order of favorites to least favorite the candy in the variety package.

If you look at the above photo on the top row I've ranked my favorite to least favorite candy, and on the second row my husband ranked his favorite to least favorite candy.  I find it interesting that three of my top four choices are his least favorite; notice the large gap between the Milky Way and his bottom three.  I suppose that makes us a good match?  I will never have competition for Reese's, Almond Joy or Peanut M&M from my husband.  Opposites attract?

On Halloween night we were invited to a epic costume party with hundreds of people in attendance.  It was an open bar with a DJ.  I did not want to go.  I had a hard stressful week at work and I wanted to stay at home and decompress, and I'm not really in to large parties.  My husband really wanted to go because he's the fun one in our marriage - so we went.  (Opposites attract.)  It was a last minute invitation, which means we didn't have time for an innovative costume.  We went as baseball players - a catcher and a pitcher - so many straight guys and girls thought our costume was hilarious.  People wanted us in their photos.
In the end, the party/the night was a lot of fun.  I'm so glad my husband prodded me along on Friday night to join in on life.  Plus, I took a lot of my stress out on the dance floor with my white guy dance moves.  Watch out!

It's true what they say, "life begins where your comfort level ends..."  My husband makes me a more interesting person.  My first response to a new situation is always, NO!, but my husband turns my "no's" into "yeses," which is why I love him (need him)!

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