Sunday, November 16, 2014

A Man Called Ove

Very rarely do I devour a book, but this book came so highly recommended by my mother, my father, and my husband's mother that I am making time to read this interesting novel.  In fact, we have a little family ritual; if my mother and father read a book they both find exceptional/worthy of my time, then they'll send me a copy in the mail.  It's fun.  It encourages me to read for fun.  It also spoils me.  My novels are vetted before they arrive in my home.

We don't always agree; my parents enjoyed The Girl with A Dragon Tattoo series; I found it thrilling but way, way, way too disturbing.  I stopped after the first book.  

I'm already charmed by the first few chapters of A Man Called Ove.

I love me a good curmudgeon.

I don't know where this book is going, but I can tell I'm going to enjoy the trip.

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  1. Oh, I am so happy you started this. You will love it, without a doubt. You will laugh out loud and you will shed a few tears. You will love Ove, the curmudgeon. Some of my friends said the first few chapters were not as impressive as the rest of the book. But I loved all of it. I can so identify with the stress looking for an iPad.

    I think I remember something like this convesation going on when he is talking to the salesman at the computer area -
    Salesman: Do you want a keyboard?
    Ove: Do I need a keyboard?
    Salesman: Depends if you are going to type on it.

    So funny.
    And yes you will immensely enjoy the trip - I could read it again and probably enjoy it even more the second time. I love ove!!!!