Monday, October 27, 2014

Creamed Spinach

This weekend I decided I need a go-to creamed spinach recipe in my wheel house.  This weekend I made Martha Stewart's recipe, which was Big Martha's recipe.
It was okay but not great.  It was very simple. I think I need one with more flavor - like cheese!  The research continues. (If you have a creamed spinach recipe you love, then email it to me.)

My husband grilled the best steak this weekend.  I like my steak like I like my tuna - seared.  I usually don't like to eat steaks outside of fine dinning restaurants, because it's hard for home cooks to serve a rare piece of meat. 
This weekend we also perfected our baked potato recipe. My mother said the key to a good baked potato is high heat - 475 degrees.  My husband said the key to a good baked potato is to wash it and roll it in salt before you bake it.  When you put my mother's and my husband's skills together, then you have the best potato! I ate the skin and all.
In a few weeks we're hosting family for my father's 61st birthday - I'm testing these recipes to create a menu for the group. 

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  1. You two are so special; you make ordinary events into extraordinary.