Sunday, August 17, 2014

Visting Niece

My brother, his wife, and my nieces went on a week long family beach vacation, which means we got to keep our four-legged niece, the huntress Cady!  For my 16th birthday, I got my first Jack Russell Terrier and then for my 18th birthday I got my second Jack Russell Terrier.  I loved both Lucy and Scout.  However, my 34 year old self is out of practice - it takes about 24 hours for me to remember how to handle a Jack Russell Terrier.  Cady is smart, determined, sweet and aggressive.  She's all those things at once.

Dooley, our French Bulldog, is determined but she requires a lot of sleep too!  At some point, she gets tired!  Here's a photo of her yawning during her bath...
However, if Cady is on a mission, she never gets tired. Jack Russell Terriers are tireless when something has their attention.  One of the great things about keeping our four legged niece Cady, is that she always gets picked up by our two legged nieces.

Presley is 6 and Paxten is 4 and they are at such a fun stage right now.  I can't get enough of their questions and comments!  When they were at the house Presley had to go to the restroom, and I heard Paxten ask: "Can I come with you?"  I cracked up at this question.  They're sisters.  For the rest of their lives at times they'll go to the bathroom together - it's what sisters do.  It gives them one more moment to talk, interact, etc.  

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