Sunday, August 24, 2014

Mr. Clean

Our friends Adam and Eddie with 20-month-old twin boys came to the house on Saturday for an early dinner.  (The boys go to bed at 7:30 PM!)  We had fajitas for dinner and homemade ice cream for dessert.

Our house isn't child proof, and so the boys were fascinated that our kitchen cabinet doors can open - they kept opening and closing the doors.  Also, we did not try and contain the boys.  They had free range of the house - so they made nonstop laps around the house.  And, the boys especially liked to play in Trigger and Dooley's water bowls. It was fun to splash!

After dinner we went outside.  We were talking and playing.  I noticed my patio table was dirty so I went inside to retrieve wet paper towels.  When I returned outside I walked past the two boys and over to the patio table and started wiping it clean.

My husband laughed loudly.


My husband informed me that he thought in his head: that's so sweet he's going to get paper towels to clean the boys faces (they had food on their faces).  He thought my actions were proving I was going to be such a good father.  But instead I walked past two dirty faced boys and went over to clean furniture.

Am I going to be a good father?


  1. Oh my gosh, that is sooooo funny! And yes!!!! you are going to be an excellent father! (Although you will have to give up having everything so spotless all the time. You just will. Not as big a deal as you are thinking it is at this moment.)
    Funny, funny, funny.

  2. YES!!!!!! You will be a great father in many, many ways, and so will Kevin. Let's get this plan going --- get me some more nieces and nephews (at least one more)! You two are great guys and both will make wonderful parents - no question about it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Aunt Diane