Friday, August 8, 2014

Midnight Kitten

Last night our dogs were disturbed by the sounds of an alley cat.   It was a very vocal kitty cat.  I ignored the meows for an hour, but then I couldn't sleep because I was worried I was being cruel.  I got dressed, grabbed a flash light and walked into the alley in search of the kitty cat.  I'm glad I went because I found a little kitten stuck in little tree in our alley next to our back fence.  I put on leather gloves and worked really hard to retrieve the terrified and skinny cat with a cut tail and sharp claws.  I didn't want to leave the cat in the alley.  I couldn't bring the cat inside - we have dogs and many members of my family are severely allergic to cats.  The safest place for my starving friend was our front porch.

I opened a can of pink salmon, and fed the cat salmon meat and milk.  It was making purring sounds as it ate the salmon.
I kept hearing my late grandmother's voice in my head: "God love it." as the cat ate and drank with passion.  I left the cat outside and went to bed.  This morning I haven't found my friend.  I just see empty bowls.  I was hoping the cat would hang around, and I could get it more help.

At least I didn't let a starving kitten go hungry for one night.

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