Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Our friend (and blog reader) Tim spent the weekend in Dallas with us.  We fed him lots of Texas food (BBQ and Tex-Mex) we went to a pool party, we went to the movies, we went to the lake, we hung out.  It was a nice (but fast) weekend.

Since Tim is a blog reader he read this February post about how much I love Dana Malcolm's art, and as a result he bought the painting I blogged about and sent it to us.  It's one of the biggest surprises I've ever experienced, because it was absolutely, totally, completely unexpected.   I received a text while at work from my husband: "you'll never guess what just arrived in the mail." A very true text.  I wasn't expecting to own the art I love!  Next, my husband sent a photo of this painting and said it was from Tim.  I gasped while at the office.  "Is everything alright?" my team asked me.   It was impossible for Tim to know that I've visited this painting online many times, and now (thanks to him) I can visit it in my home!

Tim was very humble about the whole thing.  He simply said that surprises in life are good.  I thanked him multiple times this weekend, but I've decided that the only way I can really thank him is by paying it forward.  Some time in the future we need to absolutely, totally, completely surprise someone!

Thank you Tim!

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  1. I love the gift, the giver (whom I don't know), the posts, the poster and his husband.
    Lovely, lovely event. Great Karma all around!