Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Modern Love

Our daughter's namesake, Sarah Dooley, emailed me the link (and some "X's" and "O's") to this New York Times article: Losing a ‘Boyfriend,’ the Best Way Possible by Augusten Burroughs.

You must read this article!  It is delightful. 

This article and its joyous spirit also reminds me; I love being gay, and I love my life.  In my childhood, in my adolescence, and if I'm honest also in my adulthood I often wished I liked girls instead of boys.  Oh, the challenges it created! And now as my feet are firmly planted in adulthood, because after all at 32 years old I can see the shore of middle agedom, I'm so happy I'm gay.  It's my life, and I love it.

Go appreciate what makes you different!