Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Henry Makes Me Happy

This is our youngest nephew Henry.  He's the second son of my husband's sister.  Last week my husband's mother was visiting Henry and she sent these happy photos to us.

What my husband's mother didn't know is that right before she sent these photos I had to terminate an employee.  It's never fun to have to deliver bad news, but I always try to be direct and honorable.  Unfortunately, as a consultant I'm familiar with this drill.  My clients like to outsource this unpleasantness- I mean, wouldn't you?  My point is that it's always hard for me to terminate an employee even though I pretend otherwise, and I was feeling a bit tender on the inside when I received these photos.  These photos made my insides sing in celebration.  Henry is a beautiful happy baby boy, and I look forward to his trip to Texas this July.

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