Monday, August 10, 2009

Why not pay Paula?

I am a fan of American Idol. I enjoy watching a good competition, and I like the live anything-can-happen-vibe of the show. This past season I was on "Team Adam" while my husband was on "Team Kris." He won. I lost. Life goes on...

Here's the deal. Last week Paula left the show because they would not increase her salary from the $4M a year she was making to $10M a year. American Idol judges have the undisputed easiest job in the entire universe- they get paid millions to speak their mind a few days a year- how hard is that?

Part of me thinks Paula is a fool for turning down any amount of money to do this job, but another part of me wonders why their wasn't more outrage from women last week? American Idol can pay the men mega millions, but why can't they pay the women mega millions?

I know, I know, Paula can be a train wreck, but she's been unpredictable since Kelly Clarkson won, and Paula's craziness is part of the anything-can-happen-vibe that I like about the show. The Paula and Simon cat fights are fun to watch, and Paula is the only nurturer on the show.

Randy is still under contract, but Ryan's getting paid $15M a year, and Simon is getting paid $45M a year; why couldn't they pay Paula $10M a year?

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  1. I don't think AI thinks she adds anything to the show. It does get annoying how no matter how someone performs, Paula always says they did a good job. I guess her positiveness is great, but for that show, I want them to tell it like it is.