Friday, August 21, 2009

Shriver Mansion

I read today in the WSJ that the 16,000 square foot Maryland estate of the late Eunice Kennedy Shriver and her husband sold for less than $8M. The Real Estalker blogged about the estate last October when it first hit the market with a $11.8M asking price. So put yourself in the Shriver family's elite shoes: they listed the house for less than $12M and it sold almost a year later for "only" $7.81M. Oh,'s only one year later and $4,000,000 short.

Also, I really like this floor plan. They built this house in the mid-1980's, but it looks like it's from Gone With The Wind. It's a great floor plan with large rooms, lots of storage, and I love those second story balconies. Mrs. Shriver and her husband had over 20 great years in this beautiful home. That's glorious! I hope me and my husband get 20 great years in our dream home.

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  1. Very nice - I like all those things you mentioned, plus the large library and a couple of studies. BUT did you notice the 2nd level and 8.6' celings? Is that the whole floor? I think that would keep me from spending my $8 or 9 million on it. :>)