Monday, August 3, 2009

Staycation 2009

My parents and their two dogs spent the weekend with us. My uncle spent Friday night, my 18-month old niece spent Saturday night, and my husband’s parents spent the day with us on Saturday. It’s always fun to hang out with the ones you love.

The excitement included:

  • Eating dinner at Hibiscus
  • Presley taking a nap on my chest
  • Having` four dogs in one house
  • My husband, my husband’s father, and my father taking the boat out and crashing it while racing Thomas Crown Affair style – and by crashing I mean a rope broke but on a sailboat ropes are important and by Thomas Crown Affair style I mean we have 45 year old Thistle sailboat not a $145K sailboat. Is there a difference? Oh.
  • My parent’s Jack Russell Terrier biting my husband’s mother on the leg, twice!
  • Presley wanting to eat queso with a spoon
  • Presley wanting to eat salsa with a spoon
  • Shopping at Dallas' Farmers’ Market
  • Having six adults being completely entertained by one baby girl
  • For breakfast, scrambling up the eggs from pasture-roaming hens, which proves happy chickens make better eggs. I am not an egg snob I am a chicken lover!
  • A summer rainstorm
  • The many games of Hearts we all played and my husband won

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