Monday, December 8, 2014

Place Cards

I was cleaning this weekend, and I found four valuable pieces of paper.  The last time our nieces were staying with us I was in the kitchen finishing cooking dinner, and to simultaneously entertain the girls and to give me more time my husband came up with the idea to create place cards for the dinning room table.

My husband and Presely collaboratively created my husband's place card...

Presley, who's 6, created her place card...
Paxten, who's 4, created her place card...
And since I was in the kitchen, Paxten also created my place card...
It cracks me up because Paxten likes to use most the top right piece of her paper.  She also writes in a mirror image.  For example, if I held my place card up to a mirror it reads "Pat Pat." And I like that she added a little rainbow on my place card.

We love our nieces.


  1. I love those placecards! Great idea!
    Love you all the time!

  2. Love the place cards. Am intrigued by Paxten's writing. Surely indicative of high IQ.....but, of course. :)

  3. Sooooo intrigued by Paxten's writing. And I agree with Charlotte!