Monday, December 8, 2014

Oh Hole-y Night

There's a hole my bucket (dear Liza, dear Liza).  Oh.  I mean: There's a hole in my PJ's (dear Trigger, dear Trigger).

Yes, it's happened again.

Trigger, do you know who might have eaten the crotch out of my pajama pants?

I do.

Trigger has occasionally been doing this to shorts, underwear, and pajamas since the beginning.  In fact, eleven years ago when my husband was roommates with Naz he would stock up on gift cards to Victoria's Secrets, because when Trigger destroyed her panties my husband would just hand over a gift card and an apology.

Also, about that time, once Trigger destroyed the back of my boxers, I didn't realize it when I put on my boxers.  I was walking around my apartment with a hole in the back of my boxers - until my roommate Anne noticed!  Yikes!  To this day she thinks we were doing something kinky with my clothing.  She never believed a dog would do this.

Trigger, it's just part of your charm.

After all, it's my fault for leaving clothing on the floor.


  1. 1) That is hilarious!
    2) I can't believe you ever leave your clothes on the floor. I never see anything out of place in your house. But, yes, I do believe your story, since you have a picture.
    3) The thing about Anne is so funny - I try to imagine it in my head. :)