Monday, December 13, 2010

I want cake

My husband's Tahoe is about 9-years-old and my 4Runner is 7-years-old. My husband treats cars the same way he treats a tube of toothpaste- he squeezes every last drop out of them before he buys another. This month his Tahoe's battery went out and one of his speakers went out. For the first time I think my husband realized that one day we might have to buy another vehicle, and the thought of buying two new vehicles scared him a's so nice to not have a car payment!

We're not ready to buy, but we're starting to look and think. We keep our cars for so long this is an important decision.

This weekend we test drove a 4x4 Honda Pilot with the touring package, which stickers for $42,000, and is the nicest Honda Pilot you can get. It had all the bells and whistles: navigation, back up camera, heated seats, etc, but it was less than thrilling to drive. To me driving a Honda is like eating vegetables: it's smart, but it's not scrumptious.

I felt guilty for not being excited about this new car we were test driving. I've never owned a new vehicle; I've only purchased used vehicles, and we were test driving a brand new vehicle and I wasn't excited?! I was thinking my husband should get a GMC Denali, or a Toyota Sequoia, or an Acura MDX...and we could park it next to my Lexus RX 350.

Does it make me shallow because I care about the kind of car I drive? I don't want to eat vegetables. I want cake! I want that corner piece of cake with extra icing and a scoop of ice cream on top! Is that wrong?


  1. Actually, that isn't wrong at all... if you're going to "squeeze every last drop out of it," you're going to have to LOVE IT or it won't happen. I know a lot of people who drive RX 350s and Denalis who "can't afford them," and they do just fine. =)

  2. Not wrong. We all have things in our lives we like to splurge on. Yours just happens to be an item that depreciates at a ridiculous rate. No way the CFO let's it happen:).

  3. If you stop eating meat, after about 3 months vegetables are scrumptious!! I'm not totally clear how that connects to this metaphor, but I think that means that I should drive a Prius. Good thing I do.

    As for you two, I say go big or go home.