Monday, March 15, 2010

"You are 29 going on 50. Bor-ing."

We had a great weekend. We cleaned out the garage; we worked in the yard; we got our tax stuff in order; we walked the dog; we went to the gym; we did loads of laundry. To us this was a nice, relaxing, productive weekend that took advantage of the BEAUTIFUL weather.

However, our neighborhood is home to Dallas' annual Greenville Avenue St. Patrick's Day parade and day-long drunkfest. Some people tailgate in their front lawns, while other people party in the streets. It is a fun event full of lots of beer, illegal parking, and all-American rowdiness.

When I gave my weekend update at work and told of the fun things we did with our weekend (see above) instead of partying in our 'hood there was mild disgust amongst my peers. I heard things like: "but you live there?!" and "you declined your parties?" and finally one guy said to me "you are 29 going on 50. Bor-ing."

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  1. OR
    You're 29 and happy, well-adjusted, and find joy in the little things. Some people never get to that point. It's a great and beautiful thing to love and revel in the life you two have built together.
    Your mother