Thursday, September 10, 2015

Where have all the doctors gone?

Question: Where have all the cowboys doctors gone?  I feel very lucky that to date my health hasn't required me to have a primary care physician.  I could manage any flu or light illness by consulting my father in law who's a surgeon, dropping into a minute clinic, or stealing medicine when visiting friends.  Why would they leave Z Paks in their medicine cabinets if they didn't want you to have them?

That was the old me.  The new me, who is entering fatherhood, is more responsible.   I found a physician group I liked in Dallas - they are gay friendly.  I have great insurance.  I have a great job.  I submitted an online application, and received a call back informing me the doctors weren't accepting new patients.  They are overbooked because they inherited a patient pool from a retiring primary care physician.  I was information that I could see the PA, to get established in the practice.

This reminded me of one time in 2003 when I was trying to get into the Las Vegas Ghost Bar.

I signed up to see the PA.  I got a physical.  (I hadn't coughed since my high school physical...ah, the awkward moments are so entertaining.)

Do we need more primary care physicians in Dallas? Or, like at the Ghost Bar in 2003, should I have slipped the bouncer one hundred bucks to allow me in?

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