Monday, May 12, 2014

Black Tie Optional

Saturday was my brother's birthday.  My brother and my father are two of the funniest people I know.  My brother is always joking.  It makes our life fun.  While my brother was informing my husband that he wanted to eat at a Hibachi restaurant in the parking lot of Best Buy to celebrate the occasion, my brother mentioned that the dress code was black tie optional.  (He was being funny.)

But my husband put on his tuxedo and we headed out to the 'burbs.  He knew it would make my brother laugh if he showed up to the dinner in black tie, and it was my brother's birthday.  Before we arrived at our 5:30 dinner reservation, we had to stop at Nordstrom to pick up a birthday gift, and everyone was looking at us the entire time- my husband in his tux and I in my jeans.  We arrived to the suburbs 30 minutes early, and my husband was disappointed when I refused to go to Costco with him wearing his tuxedo.  It makes me uncomfortable to have all eyes on us.

The bit was worth it because as soon as my brother saw us in the parking lot he was cracking up at my husband.  My husband played it cool: "What?  You said it was a black tie optional?"

We had a lovely dinner together.

I love that my brother and my husband are BFF's.  I also love that my husband wore his tuxedo to make my brother laugh.  I would never do something like that, which is what I think is so spectacular.

Happy Birthday Fatty!

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  1. I love just thinking about it. . . I like to think about the moment your brother saw your husband. Now that is a fun moment . . . and a great memory. So glad y'all took a picture.